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Semiotics and photography

Semiotics is about signs and meaning.A sign can be, for example, a word, a picture, a chair, a building, etc.We are surrounded by signs. Signs mean something. Language consists of signs that are understood by those who know the language. Signs are used everywhere. Road signs are signs with very precise meanings. We often learn the meaning of the characters without thinking about it. Other signs need to be learned before we can understand them. For example, not everyone understands […]

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Communication and photography

Every year, under great media attention, prizes are awarded to  photographers who can display  the best images of global misery. The documentary photography is praised for its ability to express more than 1000 words as they say.Yet these images are accompanied by a text that is often a prerequisite for being able to understand what the image is telling.That’s because the picture can not tell it all itself. An image without captioncan have many meanings, and it is not necessarily […]

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Technology and photography

My first camera was a so-called box camera from 1956. A square metal box with a shutter with fixed shutter speed, a handle for manual film feed,a fix focus lens (lens with fixed focal length and fixed aperture) and a small viewfinder window on the top of the camera. When the sun was shining and the subject was not moving too much – a fine camera that anyone could operate.Due to the limited use of the box camera, I quickly […]

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